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This site does not require any information, user identifying or otherwise, to view the materials here. If you choose to subscribe to the newsletter, that email address will only be used for the purpose of sending you that newsletter. Note that the newsletter may have affiliate links. 

If you choose to sign up to the community, the Circle privacy policy will apply.

Moderation on Circle

Much of this moderation policy is largely adapted from, because I think they got it right.

The Writer’s Comfort Zone is a space for introverted writers and bloggers who want a writing buddy to help get them over their creative blocks. This community only works if we show each other respect and treat each other as we wish to be treated. 

To ensure a safe and fun space for all, we expect those who participate in our comment threads to agree to do the following:

  1. Treat everyone with respect.
  2. Not use language that is prejudiced or phobic (including but not limited to comments on race, sex, sexuality, nationality, ethnicity, religion, class, etc.). Note: this also applies to web links—links to pages that contain hateful, prejudiced, or phobic language or content which otherwise violates the policies outlined on this page will be unpublished.
  3. Not flame, bait, or otherwise troll the comment threads. Under NO circumstances should this be used as a place to insult, attack, demean, slander, or otherwise hurt others.
  4. Keep disagreements civil, and remember that just because someone disagrees with you does not mean that he/she dislikes you. Disagree with an idea, not a person.
  5. Avoid name-calling, both in your comments and your choice of a username. Comments containing insults and name-calling will be unpublished.
  6. We ask that you keep all comments on topic and relevant to the subject matter covered in the original article/essay, particularly with regard to matters involving politics and political figures. Off-topic commentary on political issues and politicians will be unpublished wherever it threatens to derail or disrupt the discussion of the original post. In instances where specific political topics are introduced in and covered by the scope of the original post, we ask that you keep your political commentary civil and in keeping with the rest of the points outlined in this Moderation Policy (see points #3, #4, and #5 above, in particular.)
  7. We welcome counterarguments and differences of opinion as long as those differences are expressed in civil and constructive terms. Rude and blatantly dismissive responses do not further discussion, and are often employed in an attempt to silence or discourage others from expressing themselves or joining in the larger conversation. Accusing others of having a hidden agenda or ulterior motives in stating their opinion, asking “So what?” or “Who cares?”, or telling people that their thoughts aren’t worth your time are all examples of this behavior, so please: be respectful and constructive in your responses and criticisms.
  8. Do not steal someone else’s ideas. We are trusting each other with something personal and valuable. Please respect that. If it’s proven that you stole someone’s ideas and published them, you will be banned from the platform.
  9. Be bound by the decisions made by the moderators. This means adhering to any and all warnings. Normally one warning is all you’ll get, so take heed. Repeat offenders will be banned from the platform.

To sum up: Be nice. Treat others as you wish to be treated. And, to paraphrase the amazing Randall Monroe of XKCD, free speech means the government can’t arrest you for what you say. It doesn’t mean that private forums have to allow everything.